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what a week   
09:25pm 28/02/2009
mood: too many feelings

so much to take in, im overstimulated. . .well kind of. school is a different experience this time because its the first time ive taken late classes or classes of this kind. so each class is packed with 18-20 year old kids who still look like theyre in high school making me the old lady of the bunch. . .except in my history class where there is an actual older lady student. . .and the teacher but she doesnt count. the teacher is an older woman in her 50's im going to say who grew up in south dakota. on a daily basis her outfit must have 3 things: a pearl necklace, a blazer, and some kind of new balance shoes. she looks like stuart's mom from mad tv and the mom from just friends put together and is just as kooky. at every class meeting she starts off with writing her name on the board "Ms. Kyriokas" and then immediately turns to us and says " Alright, my name is Ms. Kyriokas rhymes with Caracas. What's my name?" and then puts her hand around her ear to listen for us say "Ms. Kyriokas!" and its almost like we have to do that or all is ruined in the world. Although she does bounce around a lot and draw some fucked up maps of the U.S. that look like weird goldfish, she does hold my attention. i forgot that i actually enjoy history because of the storytelling. i like to know the 5 W's of things and she certainly does a good job of getting to all of them. As far as the people watching here, not much except some girl named Diamond who dresses like she owns a section of the indoor swapmeet but is actually going to school to be a fashion buyer. what the hell? is what i said when i heard that. i love how the weave "grows" day by day and not in length. then theres this other girl who has big, and i mean BIG, hair back combed to perfection and always dresses cute. and some boy who wants to be a cop that looks like jesse but in one of those white mexican biker boy form.

political science is the other class. im learning a lot about things and such but i hate that the possibility of public speaking is every class meeting. my nerves are being worked. i hate it. im shakey and kind of sweaty and on edge because i might get called up to the front of the class to discuss my opinion on a news article that is required every time we meet. the teacher is some right wing republican, but he does travel a lot and explains things in a very neutral manner which i appreciate. hes ok so far. this class is nerd central. like for real. geeks. stereotypical geeks. i thought i was at comic con except i couldnt find the fun. anywho, many opiniated folks here including some girl who disagrees with everything just so she can talk. she hasnt gotten on my nerves yet because she does have smarts, both book and street. a socially awkward boy fresh out of 12 years of home schooling who also speaks out at every chance, squeaky voice included. and im lucky enough to sit next to some lesbians who by the looks of them enjoy the punk rock or maybe the indie music. the prettier of the two acts and carries herself like a total dude while the other is awkwardly female in essence, i think its the long hair with the bangs. the prettier one, i think, has spotted me as a gay but by the way she glances hasnt figured me out yet? not sure how you cant tell. this class will surely make the semester interesting.

on a sidenote, i was driving out of a parking lot when a hot guy caught my attention. he was wearing my favorite type of hat, a deep v neck with tattoos exposed, and some big plugs. it was my crush! damn him! hes so fucking hot but alas he was with that guy ive seen him with before. it was kind of nice to look at but still weird haha.

and amidst my day at the urban outfitters running around like a mad man trying to mark everything down, i realized why it is that i enjoy the company of broads so much. the tomboy. the girl who looks like a girl but is kind of a guy inside. ive always been attracted to those types and its because the soul of the girl inside of me is a bit of tomboy. perhaps in the middle or more on the fem side but still a tomboy. hard to explain but it made sense to me earlier. . . . anywho, looking forward to getting out this weekend. i end this long rant with a great quote i overheard today:

". . .eww it looks like you listen to placebo all day"

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but its only tuesday   
07:11pm 11/02/2009
mood: oooooh girl
i am slowly becoming a business professional. i have never sounded so uptight like i did today when i had to speak with the district ladies, better known as sisters grim. at least they are beginning to see that i AM and HAVE BEEN on top of my shit for a while. if it wasnt for all the knowledge and experience ive gathered in the last year, my boss wouldve have some freak out. i feel bad because she was overwhelmed with how much we had to deal with today so i did all i could to get shit done and make it seem like everything was under control. they see that we make a good team and will be a great team in the future.

then my supervisor was bitching about how the sisters were bitching to her and asking her about things. last time i spoke with manager grim, i mentioned a couple of things i was frustrated with. she made a list, with other things that she had interrogated me about, but today she was on the supervisors ass making sure her responsibilities were being taken care of. thank goodness she fucking listened because now i know that she understood how i felt and that it was valid. AND that all the dirt i told her was true and not bullshit because from the conversations i happened to catch, things are either shifting or changing for the better.

at the end of my shift i was beat. i never stopped today, not even on my break, i ate my sandwich and kept pacing for fear that i would slow down if i sat down. my my my. . .i will be hitting the hay now.
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11:33am 02/08/2005
mood: bored
i watched moulin rouge today. it was very nice and i kinda cried at the end. why??? its just a gayass movie! i think im gonna buy it someday.
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11:49am 18/07/2005
mood: cynical
im going to the doctors today and when im done i will have antibiotics. maybe ill shop around for some plugs but i have to pay my bills. we will see. i hope its not ridiculously hot today. i get ugly in the heat and then i get all sweaty, ugh.
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12:19am 30/04/2005
mood: not fasting just poor
saw BAUHAUS last night...it was packed. there were so many people there and we were lucky enough to get one person away from the stage to see everything. peter murphy has really let himself go but according to dennis hes lost weight and looks better now. daniel ash still looks really good, i guess you can say hes tried to maintain his image??? i heard the songs that i wanted to hear and others that im glad they played. after the show lights went on and the reality check happened however this isnt at a club, it was a show so everyone pretty much looked like shit. for the song "rosegarden funeral of sores" peter murphy had a rose which he gothically moved around to express the music and its gothicness even more. it was quite nice. well, during this lights on get the fuck out moment, one of the roadies just grabbed it and since we were still standing in front of the stage, when he tossed it marie just jumped up and was able to snatch it away from some girl...id like to think she took out the bitch in the process but she has that flower now as a souvenier from the show. we got lost in pomona and marie told us of the happenings of this city when they lived there. all n all a fun night.
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09:17pm 24/04/2005
mood: accomplished
i always knew that siouxsie sioux had attitude. i always knew that she can be quite the bitch. unless you get on her goodside she doesnt care for you and never will. she will call you names, spit in your face, give you a kick in the eye and throw up two fingers at you. i love her! heres another reason to love her too :

because paris hilton is stupid and for her to be shunned by siouxsie is sooo great and i could just picture the whole scenario. much love for you siouxsie

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01:40am 22/04/2005
mood: exhausted
ok so tonight i helped erica do her hair. she needed help with bleaching it and dying it. no problem but too bad it turned into a huge project. she didnt know what she wanted and i didnt want to put a color in her hair that she didnt want so finally i just made a suggestion and we put two different colors in it and i hoping that it turns out ok because i suggested it and she just went along with it but really if youve seen ericas hair after she bleached it anything would be better hehe.

i might be working two jobs soon im kinda excited because it would be at the outlet and ive been missing that place for some reason. i need the extra cash but i dont want to put in too many hours at starbucks because im starting to get worn out. if i get a job thats chill and is slow and i work with friends then why not ya know.

i miss john soooooooooooooooooooooooo much. theres a lot of little stupid things we used to do and not being able to do those things really sucks. its been so great that we still talk like everyday and let each other know about whats going on. i cant wait to go visit him. all the tales of wisconsin and its enchanted forests with unicorns bordering luscious lagoons with mermaids and their war over whos the better mystical creature. i could really use a photo of that.
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my how the time flies   
01:48pm 15/03/2005
mood: too much pizza
so i have neglected this whole internet thing for a long long time now and i kinda dont miss it? but now that im back on i guess ill be hooked in like 2.3 seconds. sigh.
john is leaving in like a week and we have soooo much to do but im not sure if all will be done in time. either way we have been spending time together and hanging out with our amigos por vida.

my birthday was fun, my friends threw me a fabulous surprise birthday party, weve been going out dancing like every weekend for the past month and a half and i like it. it really helps to get away once a week. we went to club london this past sunday and met up with dennis and his friend kylie. i was pretty drunk and couldnt talk for shit but i do remember a few classic moments that im sure everyone else does too:

1. kylies bitchin crucifix eyebrow (actually and earing but thats how i said it)
2. we can all bond on the fact that we have black lady hair that is hard to do
3. i kept calling dennis girl and yes honey you did witness my inner street latina coming out, damn you alcohol for letting my true identity out

im sure theres more but i cant think right now. anywho i hope to be able to hang out with dennis and kylie more cuz it was just so cool how we all clicked and got along. as soon as i get a phone you know i will be calling you dennis and we will hang out.
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12:52pm 11/12/2004
  i get home last night and i decide to ring up marie to see how shes doing after all her drama happened. shes a don joses with olivia, erica, bernie and patty. i didnt know what to expect from don joses and it turned out to be like a big booty ho club...i fit right in. packed with gangstas n thugs it was crazy. i arrive and patty isnt allowed to have any long island iced teas because she turns into "bidi-bidi-bom-bom", the name dubbed by marie. i didnt believe it but sure enough there she was doing her shimis all over the place, i had a a blurry image in my head of a bell bottom halter top suit thingy, thats all she needed cuz patty already has the crunchy mexican hair and near resemblance drag queen make up. bernie was looking sexy as ever, he let some facial hair grow in and it looks really good on him...poor guy his face gets really red when hes drunk and his eyes get all loopy and out of control. marie n erica were on fire, they were all cute n shit dancing with olivia and it was fun, they even got me to freak them, i know i know but hey it was fun.

so we are dancing and then we go outside to have a smoke and we come back inside to find erica talking with some cholo. we keep dancing but we keep an eye on her cuz shes been drinking for quite a few hours. we keep dancing and then we look over and the cholo takes erica to a booth to sit. now we start raising our eyebrows in further interest because she drunk and he shady. so the place has gotta shut down cuz its time to go and we wait for erica...wait for erica...wait for erica...and she follows that fool to his car and gives him her number. she rides with me to norms and in the car shes telling me that he was a total gentleman, bought her some drinks, and respected her shit.

now we get to norms where the roofies start to hit erica...were still not sure if there was some in there but we like to think so...and oscar is our server. fuckin erica, that bitch got up and said she wanted to go home and stumbles out the damn place so of course me n marie the sober ones follow her and shes just rambling on about dumb shit and she gets in the car not aware that marie has the keys. she stumbles back into the restaurant and as we are ordering, olivia is calling some friend who she loves apparently and eddie her other friend who is in love with olivia starts talking some shit and being really catty so she starts throwing crackers n sugar packets. erica wants crackers so she shoves the whole pack, plastic wrap included, into her mouth and begins to chew. later on she figures out how it works but the crackers fell out of her mouth and into her water. she passes out after that. we get our food and we start eating, catty remarks keep going back n forth between eddie n olivia, and then out of nowhere erica wakes up and says loudly to all of us and points furiously " who the fuck are you???" she sways from side to side " i want chocolate cake" and passes out again.

we finish our meal and now its time for getting erica into the car. we finally wake her ass up and of course everyone was doubting marie except for me cuz i told her to slap the bitch and she did. she wakes up and we finally pull her up and were practically dragging her out of norms, sweater all twisted, titties bouncing, one shoe on, you know the typical occurances. erica starts bitching and she almost fell off the curb and broke a limb but we caught her in time. shes packed in the car and everyones off. my god there was too much happenning last night it was like a fucking 3 ring circus.
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I love my boy   
12:43am 26/11/2004
mood: love love love
today's our 2 year anniversary!!!
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11:26am 16/11/2004
mood: bitch! ill cut you!
well this past weekend we went out to eat at the spaghetti factory and then we get a call from marie saying that we should go eat and drink with them so we go for the drinks of course. it was fun we had some laughs. then we get the idea to go to the movies. it ends up being only me n john marie n erica. and on the way to the ontario mills erica asks if theres a place where we could go dance n drink and oasis is mentioned. the girls were all excited about going to a gay club and i was too because it was drag night. how perfect, you watch trannies while drinking yourself into oblivion only to get up and dance right afterwards, not just dance but dance to hiphop mmm hmmm. well we end up waiting in line for way too long and dont even get in. we see patty as in demi's ex patty and she said we missed it all and it just so happened to be like the finals so that wouldve been a great show for the girls. we drive back and end up at the menagerie where there was the last bit of people catching drinks before last call and its funny how quickly the girls make friends with gay men. afterwards albertos it is where we begin to talk about the future and shit and then everyone fell asleep in johns car.

i cant wait til these holidays are over. the only holiday im looking forward to is new years because thats when i get to take a holiday.

been doing a lot of shopping however i never find anything. ive spent so much money on food n drink and just about nothing on music and clothes. i think for xmas i just want to take a shopping spree. this time ill make a list of items to buy instead of showing up to a store and forgetting about everything i wanted.

ive been watching old black n white horror flicks with elvira...well not actually with her but shes the hostess.

im still searching for boots, i really want a pair of boots.

i also need to purchase a digital camera so i can start posting pictures and damnit i just want a camera again its been too long.

i need a change so i think i might do something to my hair. lets pray and hope i dont do something ill regret.
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12:52am 31/10/2004
mood: irritated
so i was suppposed to have like a mini vacation this weekend. i was supposed to be off from friday to monday and turns out i only have sunday off which im thankful for because im going to see morrissey and its halloween. however it fuckin sucks because i wanted like a day of rest and a day to party a day for halloween/morrissey whichever one was decided upon and then a day for whatever. i was hoping that i wouldve done something fun tonight but instead i stayed home and watched tv like the loser i am. worst of all tonight we had an extra hour to do whatever we wanted because of the fall back hour thingy. i couldve had an extra hour of sleep...if i was sleepy. insteat it was an extra hour of nothing on tv. i just wanted music and friends.

im also getting sick of work and no life. all i do is work and i never go out or do anything fun. yeah i have good times but like its everyday types of things. when was the last time i went dancing??? i dont remember. im not home as long as i want to be, i cant get anything done. usually when im here im tired and just sleep the night and morning away or im trying to fall asleep by getting lost in the internet which i know is my fault, that accomplishes nothing. i dont like that i dont have enough me n john time. its always through passing or chance that we stop by to see each other. i want to hang out more often, even if its just sitting on the couch watching a movie, its something we can laugh at or make dinner or something. i just want to get away from work im fucking sick of it.

the last few days havent been the greatest. ive spilled more things than a toddler and i burned myself real bad one day. ive had 2 people get crazy with me at work and i dont need their shit. i just make coffee, im not the one who hit their bmw, im not the one who fired them, im not the one who stole their credit card....im just a simple guy trying to get by. ive also decided that because i dont have any unavailable days the days that are given to me for my time are my unavailable days. usually work doesnt get to me unless its the rush hour shifts everytime for like 8 hours each with no days off.

i just wanna hug my baby and watch tv with him and fall asleep with him. i wanna go to a restaurant with him. i want our lives back and these holidays to be over so that theres more priority on us rather than responsibility with work.

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another sexy 40 year old man   
01:15pm 25/10/2004
mood: ooooh girl i know
so i was checking my mail and for some odd reason im still on the projekt mailing list and in the subject it said something about Voltaire. so i checked it out and come to find out hes releasing a new album and it comes out tomorrow. since i get off work early ill be on a mission to find it if not then theres always the internet. i saw the pictures that are on the album and he is soooooo cute. i saw him live a couple years ago and while i was waiting for him to come on and watching Audra, i realized that he was right next to me. and yes like a teenage girl at a justin timberlake concert i starting freaking out...on the inside of course...and i couldnt believe he was right there next to me. hes super tall and skinny and looks like a devilish vampire = ] and hes cuban???? yeah. i knew he was a sci-fi nerd but god damn thats all he be doing! and i guess that makes him a lot cuter too.
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02:22pm 20/10/2004
mood: awake
so me n john got invited to a celebration of i dont know how many years of marriage for bernies parents. the invitation is wonderful, filled with pictures of them in their youth and now and i cant wait to see all the mexicans drinkin it up and bernies mom in her black tights with white strappy shoes and bernies dad with his handlebar mustache. i guess everyone is gonna go so this is gonna be good and most important we have to get a little dressed up. not sure what im gonna wear but i know i have some nice jackets to choose from. mmmm chips n salsa coronas n sauza.
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10:42pm 18/10/2004
mood: too bad i ate all the lasagna
i got some new work clothes finally. now i can look "professional" and kooky at the same time. i love it!

i went into town today...yeah i know...and i saw people that i recognized from school. i dont like being in town i just get flustered. i just want to avoid an uncomfortable situation like some know you and your name asking how everything is going yet you have no idea who they are what theyre name is...or the other where you know who they are but cant remember them by any other name except for the one you and your friends gave them while laughing at them during lunch. id rather just go incognito, get in get out, and be done with it.

i think im gonna change my livejournal. im kinda done with this whole theme and name and everything. we will see...

i need hair product and i need more sleep. when i woke up this morning i looked like siouxsie the morning after a show...tired, beat up, unshaven, and on some vision quest with my spirit guide.

i had an idea for a tattoo the other day but i have to rethink it. i got a new one which is the modified version of the original. i dont want to say what it is until i decide on what im gonna get for sure.
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12:59am 18/10/2004
mood: amused
ive been in the mood to really watch BEETLEJUICE. its been one of my favorite movies since i was a kid. and really i just miss the late 80's early 90's special effects...in other words the really creepy claymation of the time.

most of all it was my introduction to winona ryder and how could i forget this little angel

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02:10am 16/10/2004
mood: thirsty
i didnt realize how much money i was gonna get from my promotion and the amount of hours but all the hard work is paying off and i can actually have stuff to show for it and go out n stuff. im excited because my asst. manager came back and all order/balance is restored.

its getting kinda colder, i mean theres clouds every so often now and fog in the mornings and late at night. halloween is creeping up and im gonna be frankenstein for sure now. i will take pictures and post because i think its gonna be a cute costume.

theres shows that i wanna go to as well but i dont think i can get the time off to see these bands.

october 29th

2)the CRAMPS
october 30th

october 31st

now the thing is though that the interpol show is in san diego, not sure how i feel about that but they are good and would be worth watching.

the cramps are playing at the hollywood athletics club. if i went there would be a chance of running into johns ex there and im dont know how that would go.

morrissey...i love the man but goddamnit!!! why did he have to cancel at inland invasion then have to play his free show on halloween?!?!?!?! i wanted my morrissey and halloween seperate. i love halloween and morrissey but together on the same night?!?!? what am i to do?
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01:20am 03/10/2004
mood: miserable
i love john sooo much and we had a conversation that really opened up my eyes on things. i love that boy so much and i would do anything for him. sometimes i think hes too good for me and that i dont deserve someone like him. i wish i could just fall asleep holding him right now
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02:43pm 02/09/2004
mood: calm
i worked really early today. the earliest ive had to work in a long time. 7 AM. ive been up since 5:30AM and i just woke up from a nap. i have to get used to working early though. next week im working at like 6 AM that means to get there on time and be ready i gotta be up at 4:30 AM the latest.

the new rilo kiley album...really good...she sounds really different on it but the songs are nicely written. i was impressed.

the new le tigre album is gonna be more dance than their previous albums and theres a song in there like the dyke march but its got samples of protests against bush and rallies and what not. i guess there really might be a video on mtv or m2???

i need some more spare time so that i can get back into the habit of fixing up old clothes. i really need to fix some pinstripe pants, all they really need is to be hemmed but i like to take my time doing it. well its more about having the time being that i have to do it by hand because i dont have a sewing machine.

well off i go to shower and today is the day for great hair.
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10:19am 01/09/2004
mood: tired
so i have a new crush. its a really creepy one too. i think i love peter murphy even though hes an old cooky man, hes so gorgeous.

and it is really good. a lot better than what i thought it would end up as. cant wait to catch a glimpse of some of the videos off this one.

the thrift store gods have blessed me with many pants, a couple of shirts, and even suits??? im not sure how that one happened but im not complaining.

why is it soooo hard to fine plain black creepers that are not outrageously overpriced??? why i ask, why?

and might i add, deathrock is really making a comeback on my stereo.
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